A Few Ubuntu-related Ubiquity Scripts

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Awhile back I hacked up a few Ubuntu releated scripts for Ubiquity. No, not the Ubuntu installer. The Firefox add-on.  Now that I have one of these fancy blog thing-a-majigs, I figured I’d share them with all of you. Hopefully some one else will find them useful.

To make a long story short, Ubiquity is GNOME-Do for your browser.

I’ve got a number of simple scripts that you can use with it to do Ubuntu related tasks in Firefox:

  • AptURL - Install a package using AptURL. If you’re reading a post about a package, just highlight the package name and call Ubiquity. No need to open a terminal or package manager. Usage: apturl [package]
  • Debian Package Search - One of the sites I end up using the most in my MOTU work is http://packages.debian.org/ This brings it just a keystroke away. Usage: debian-packages [package]
  • Launchpad Ubuntu Package Search - You guessed it. Search Ubuntu packages on LP. Usage: lp-packages [package]
  • Launchpad Team and People Search - What do you think it does? Usage: lp-team-and-people [team or person]
  • Launchpad Ubuntu Bug Search - Simular to the two above…  lp-ubuntu-bug [bug \# or description]
  • Ubuntu Man Page Search - Read the man page! Usage: ubuntu-man [package]
  • Ubuntu Package database searcher- This one searches packages.ubuntu.com It was written by David Futcher (bobbo), and it was what inspired me to make all the others. Usage: ubuntu-packages [package]
  • Report Ubuntu Bug - Report a bug in a Ubuntu package on Launchpad. (Although, chances are you should really be using Apport.) Usage: ubuntu-report-bug [package]

You can grab them with:

bzr branch lp:~andrewsomething/+junk/ubiquity-commands
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