GNOME-Colors in Karmic

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With hundreds of thousands of downloads on GNOME-Look, GNOME-Colors (and its friends Shiki-Colors and Arc-Colors) is with out a doubt one of the most popular themes around for the GNOME desktop. It’s no surprise with  six different color themes and the ability to match you icon theme, GTK+ theme, GDM theme, and wallpaper. Victor (aka perfectska04) has put together a wonderful set, and it’s about time that they are in the Ubuntu archives.

I’m pleased to announce that they are now all just a simple apt-get install away in Karmic.

The meta-packages gnome-colors, arc-colors, and shiki-colors will pull in all six color variations. For those with low bandwidth or expensive connections, you can also just install single variations: gnome-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}-icon-theme, shiki-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}-theme, and arc-{brave, dust, human, noble, wine, or wise}. There’s also a Xfwm/Xfce4 theme: shiki-colors-xfwm-theme.

For those still running Hardy, Intrepid, or Jaunty, we’re also running a GNOME-Colors PPA where you will always be able to grab the latest versions.

So much thanks to Victor for the themes and being so open to making changes upstream that made things easier for us to package and Benjamin Drung for all his work to make this happen.

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