Congratulations Launchpad Team!

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I am sure you’ve all seen this already, but I just wanted to add my congratulations every one involved in the open sourcing of Launchpad!

After the friendly and inclusive nature of the Ubuntu community, Launchpad and Bazzar really are responsible for deepening my involvement in development. I find LP much more welcoming and user-friendly than Debian’s BTS (though I really love and depend on PTS), Bugzilla, or Trac. It’s cross-project intregration is really a killer feature. Bazzar both introduced me to DVCS and convinced me of its supriority to Subversion. I also just find it so much more user-friendly than other solutions such as GIT (although admittedly I have no experience with Mercurial).

I’m glad that the platform that has encouraged me to contribute to open source has finally become open source itself (soyuz included!).

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