Bazaar Explorer 0.9.0 Now in PPA

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One of the things that I’ve always loved about bzr is that it is a powerful yet intuitive solution for version control. Now Bazaar Explorer, a wonderful cross-platform Qt-based GUI front-end to the Bazaar VCS, is making it even easier. Whether you’re just getting started with DVCS or you just prefer a graphical environment, you should really check it out. (You can take a tour here.)

[bzr-exploer screenshot]

There’s been a Windows installer for Bazaar Explorer for awhile, and of course the source code is over there on Launchpad. Even though Bazaar’s plugin system makes it simple to install it on Linux from source, it just doesn’t feel like it’s keeping with the theme of making things easy. So I went and packaged it for Ubuntu!

You can now grab it from the Bazaar Explorer PPA. It should be entering Debian Unstable and Ubuntu Lucid in the near future, but we want to give you PPA users the chance to kick the tires first. Just add ppa:bzr-explorer-dev/ppa to your system’s Software Sources.

There are packages for Karmic, Jaunty, Intrepid, and Hardy in the PPA, but please note that as bzr-explorer depends on bzr (>= 1.14) and qbzr (>= 0.11), users of Ubuntu releases before Karmic will also need to add the PPA for Bazaar Developers.  Also be aware that Hardy users might have some issues as parts of Explorer (e.g. the Preferences dialog) depend on Qt/PyQt 4.4.  (See:Bug #429549). That said, every thing should be working smoothly in Karmic.

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